Arboreal revolutionizes the way you think about plants in an office environment. Arboreal isn't just a a delivery service for plants, it's a delivery service for new ideas. Arboreal makes it easy to keep your workplace fresh and oxygenated.



This rich theme includes exotic coconuts spilling all over the floor combined with palm trees that hang down and are always in the way of your daily workflow. This theme is very complicated, suitable for complex startups with a unclear monetizing strategy.


Dead plants everywhere. Plants sprayed with white color to give that cold secluded look.

Exotique Nørdic

Everything is pine and spruce. Get that Norrlands inland-look in your office. Comes with a Christmas Decoration Extension Pack for the first 100 subscribers (Bears not included).



  • Watering not included
  • No change of dead plants, monthly plant change


  • Watering included
  • Exchange of dead plants included, monthly plant change


  • Web-controlled automated watering system included
  • Change of dead plants included, weekly plant exchange
  • Surveillence system for every plant. 24/7 support for emergencies
  • Only locally grown plants. Exotic plants flown in by private jet

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